Meet the Speakers – Maryann Ehmann

How Love Can Transform You Into A Highly Booked Speaker

In this session, I will teach you:

  • About The Secret Power of Love
  • How to use it to connect deeply with your audience
  • How it magnetizes the right client to you without selling

I’ll never forget my first speaking engagement.

Asked to be the featured speaker for a 3 day womens’ retreat, I eagerly said yes!

At first I was super excited. The subject matter was right up my alley. Journaling! Plus, as a former state’s attorney, it wasn’t that long ago that I was in court every day.

However, as the months, then weeks and days, approached the event, I became more and more tortured by anxiety and fear. Perfection took over. I was a mess. How could I possibly think I could do this? I tried to bow out, but it was too late for them to find a replacement.

Have you ever felt that way?

Well, by some miraculous fluke, I wowed the audience and was invited to go on a speaking tour. “What?! Why would I ever do that to myself?!”

It would be at least 15 years before I would step on another stage again.

Come hear the rest of the story, and how Love overcame my fears, set me up for success, and used speaking to catapult my 6 figure coaching business.

Maryann Ehmann, Magnificent Love Coaching, Income Strategist, Mindset Empowerment, Miracle Facilitator

Love-Based Abundance Kit Breaks the Cycle of Scarcity, Relentless Worry, and Overwhelm Plaguing Entrepreneurs and Professionals…

Nothing makes Maryann Ehmann’s heart sing more than helping her spiritually dedicated clients live an exhilarating life of peace, power, and prosperity… God’s way. Her teachings and private coaching programs have catapulted her spiritually dedicated clients into manifesting powerhouses who are changing the world with their faith induced message and work, while being fully themselves and monetizing the desires of their hearts.

With her diverse experience as a lawyer, financial adviser, ministry leader, and cash flow consultant, Maryann combines advanced mindset technologies, deep spirituality, and personalized business strategies to help her clients create prosperous lifestyle businesses and abundantly free lives.

In 2016 Maryann faced a life-changing event that ignited every latent insecurity within: her beloved husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, evidence of 4th stage melanoma cancer. The tumor removal was miraculously successful, but the reality of being the primary breadwinner while caring for her beloved 24/7 through very aggressive treatments threw Maryann into a deep state of panic and despair. Not to leave her there, God spoke to Maryann in the wee hours of the morning, words that would not only be the balm to her soul and the answer to her abundance, but also the new direction for her life and business.

Married to her hunky hubby for 37 years, Maryann has 4 children, 12 grandkids, and 3 great-grandkids. She has been coaching professionally for 12 years and behind the scenes since she was about 7.

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