Meet the Speakers – Leisa Reid

Hi! Do you know in your heart that you should be speaking? But maybe you just haven’t figured out how to narrow down your message so it attracts your ideal clients? My passion is coaching entrepreneurs who have a calling to speak and really make an impact on the world. Once we “get your talk ready to rock” then we create a strategy so you can get booked and stay booked for the rest of your career.

2013 was a big year for me. I became a professional speaker, booked over 80 speaking gigs in my local area, and I also founded the oc speakers network. After getting asked by speakers to help them learn how to get booked on stages, I created my company, get speaking gigs now in 2017.

With over 600 gigs booked, it thrills me to share all of my speaker strategies of getting booked and staying booked with my clients in the speaker’s training academy.

The OC Speakers Network meets virtually each month (it will be 10 years in 2023!). You are welcome, no matter where you live! And, you are welcome to be my guest – there is a link below for you to get a free ticket. In the group we have Speaker Mingle time, a Speaker Lounge topic (group discussion) and then we top it off with Speaker Referral Circles.
It’s super fun and you are bound to leave with tons of value (and even speaking leads)!

You can have the best talk in the world, but if you don’t know how to get booked on stages, your message will stay a secret!

If you are feeling called to create a talk out of your expertise, but just haven’t narrowed down your message yet, I encourage you to schedule a Speaker Readiness Assessment with me (click the button below).

I see so many potential speakers keep their message hidden because of their own internal fears (e.g., I’m still working on my talk, I’m waiting until my book comes out, I’m not sure who my audience would be, I’m working on my course / program, etc.). These are what I refer to as SPEAKER’S KRYPTONITE! If you are suffering from Speaker’s Kryptonite, we should talk as soon as possible. You can have the best message in the world, but if NO ONE HEARS IT, it won’t do any good for the world.

I look forward to hearing about your vision and what you’d like to create!

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