Call for Vendors Open NOW through July 1, 2022 or Until Sold Out.

International Speakers Conference 2022

The ONE Go-To Conference for Everything Speaking

This conference is for ASPIRING Speakers, SEASONED Speakers and Professionals Who SERVE Speakers

Get Speaking – Get Booked – Get Known – Get Paid

Please Feel Free to Submit Your Application for a Vendor Booth IF You Have a Business / Product / Program / Service Geared Towards Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, and what this Conference is Focused On.

(Only ONE business owner per booth/page. Each business owner could have a couple business focuses, but must be same owner.)

Here is what you need to know:

Please read the main event webpage for more information about those 4 areas the International Speakers Conference is focused on. Make sure your programs, products and services are geared to helping speakers with their skill sets, their business and/or you have a resource that will aid speakers in building their business or get more speaking gigs. Because this is now a virtual event, we are a little more flexible with who is able to vendor, we are not limited to the number of vendors we can have.

All speakers receive a complimentary vendor booth/page when they are chosen to speak. The Conference Committee reserves the right to refund any vendor who applies and submits their payment who we feel is NOT the right fit for this conference. You will be notified within one week of your submission if you are accepted or not.

Vendors will have ONE ONLINE VENDOR PAGE that will accommodate your logo, company description, links to social media, links to your website and special offer links and descriptions plus an image or two. Pages will also allow for a video introduction with or without call to action inside. (We highly recommend that you record something specifically unique for this conference, audience and whatever special offers or list building freebies you wish to sell or giveaway) We do HIGHLY RECOMMEND you show up to the virtual event the whole time for best engagement, opportunities, exposure, networking and conversion. We recommend you design your page to be very self-directed and not sit there the whole time waiting for people to visit. (We can help you with this.)

Vendors must be fully set up by no later than 5:00 pm PST on Friday, July 29th. (Event runs 8 am to 7 pm Aug 1-3, 2022 Pacific Time) We will make it easy for you to fill in the info you need for your booth/page, don’t worry about that. And our team will be on hand to help you.

Vendor Fee is $375 which includes your booth/page the whole time during the conference, plus a couple days before in case we open up the dashboard and then a week or two after along with the replays of the conference sessions. You may assign a staff or team member to work your booth or attend the conference on your behalf. All Vendors will be given 2 free conference tickets total which include swag boxes mailed to each attendees’ home. In addition to that, speakers may buy additional conference tickets for $75 each for clients, friends, staff, etc. if you wish, those include swag boxes mailed also.

Vendors will be required to submit your $375 payment directly following the submission of your vendor application. The full amount of your vendor fee will be refunded to you if you are not chosen to exhibit.

All vendors will be promoted on the conference website, emails, social media to the tune of over 50,000 entrepreneurs and speakers.  We will do everything we can to generously promote our speakers and vendors. We will be creatively coming up with gamification and engagement strategies for before, during and after this conference. If this feels like a good fit for you, then we would love to hear what you’ve got to offer – please submit your vendor application today!


If you have any questions, contact Katrina Sawa with the Int’l Speaker Network at 916-872-4000 or