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Katrina Sawa

Jumpstart Your Events (How-To eBook)

Whether you’re an attendee at live or virtual events, a presenter or speaker at them or, ideally, I want to show you how to HOST virtual (or live if and when you’re able) events.

I’m giving you the PDF download and ebook from my online Jumpstart Your Events course, it has a lot of checklists inside you’ll want before doing your own event.

Jackie Lapin

How to Rock Your “Call for Speakers” Application Every Time!

Do you know how to create your edge on your “call-for-speakers” form. You have to knock their socks off constrained within a couple of prescribed pages of pre-established questions!

And that’s what this is designed to do—elevate your game when it calls for “calls-for-speakers” submissions!

Bret Ridgway

7 Key Speaker Mistakes

During his time managing the back-of-the-room sales table at around 150 multiple speaker events author Bret Ridgway has seen speakers come and seen speakers go. In this quick read special report he identifies 7 key mistakes he sees speakers make.

Leisa Reid

5 Tops Tips to Get Speaking Gigs Now + Bonus Podcast Guide

Want more speaking gigs? Get Immediate FREE Access to the “5 Top Tips to Get More Speaking Gigs” NOW

Speaker Sales Potential

Download with the speaking sales potential formula Leisa shared in her talk.

Ann Bennett

Client Getting Brand

3 Simple Tweaks to a Client Getting Brand.

This is what makes the difference in you Standing Out in a crowded marketplace, getting the visibility you desire and having a client getting brand


Natalie Lavelock

5 Secrets to Becoming the CEO of Your Business & Life

You didn’t start your business to become consumed by it. Building a business and life you love requires taking on a mindset of intention.

In this bundle you’re going to get:

  • 5 Secrets to Becoming the CEO of your business & life
  • 90 day Profit Plan training (video & workbook)
  • Business building workbooks to get you on the fast track to being be the CEO of a business and life you love!

and so much more!

Katrina Sawa

Productivity Tips

Besides helping entrepreneurs make a LOT more money doing what they love and writing/publishing books, I also LOVE helping you set up systems and online ways to be a LOT more productive. So, I wanted to give you this big long 2-page checklist that I gave out at one of my own events where we actually had our computers out and we were working on our websites, social media, email marketing, systems and everything techy basically. This checklist will be a BIG help to you when prioritizing your revenue producing activities.


Teresa De Grosbois

The Three Keys to Going Bestseller

If you’re a professional speaker, being a bestselling author can double your speaking fees overnight. If you’re a fiction writer or someone who writes biographies, then hitting the bestseller list can mean that your book is made into a movie or television series.
There’s a long list of wonderful things that can happen to have the money flowing in. But you need the bestselling author title first. The money, influence and success comes after.

Lynette Hoy

20 Tips To Get Visible Starting Now

Small business owners: is being a well-kept secret costing you business leads and sales?
Get visible with media attention. Put these tips to work and watch revenues climb!


Keri Murphy

Be Studio Ready Guide: The Ultimate “HOW-TO” Guide for Creating your At-Home Studio

We’re committed to helping you build a brand that makes a
Here’s a free download to start.

Colleen Biggs

It’s Easy As 1, 2, 3 To Build A Community

Here are some easy steps that you can take wherever you are in your career/business to build a solid community around you of people that will be your biggest motivators. These steps can be taken by speaking on stage, in workshops, and in networking events!

Maryann Ehmann

How To Monetize Your Passion Through The Power of Love…
One Decision At A Time

Love is a powerful force. Decisions determine your destiny. Each decision leads you to another decision. When your decisions are based in love, not fear, your heart will lead you to your purpose, passion, and prosperity.

Belanie Dishong

12 Rules to Master Your Mindset

The power of these 12 Rules to Master Your Mindset will change the way you live your life. They are a very important part of mastering your life and managing your mindset, rather than your mindset managing YOU.

Suzanne Evans

Income Acceleration Kit

Suzanne Evans has put together her top 10 income accelerator strategies that her driven business clients are using to achieve record revenue. These 10 proven avenues and ideas are the “more money now” steps you need in today’s market.

Sean Douglas

Podcast Marketing Guide

Most new Podcasters spend hours searching Google and Facebook Podcast groups on how to market their shows. This is the ultimate resource. This guide has NO BS and NO FLUFF. This is the only guide you will ever need. 

Brigette Callahan

Free & Low Cost Image & Photo Banks

Why are photo banks so valuable?
Having great images is important for the marketing of your brand on the web. Since not everyone is a professional photographer, we recommend using online photo banks where you can source the material you need. However, we know many of these photobanks can be very expensive, so we created this list to help you find free or low-cost images to help elevate your brand!

Tami Jaffe


This is your guide for going from employees to entrepreneurs without all the headaches. It shows you how to get a jumpstart on your offer, your goals, your clients and your strategy. You will walk away knowing exactly what you need to be offering, what it takes to hit your target, and what you need to do to get the clients you desire.

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